Art Circle In The Springtime 2015!

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Sunshine Awakenings Community Arts Circle - Free Art Therapy, Free Hugs, Free Juggling Lessons & Music! Happy participants contributing & sharing their creative energy in the beautiful sunshine of the Portland waterfront.  Sunshine Awakenings is Portland Based 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization.

Sunshine Awakenings’ Interview On Community Hotline TV Show

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Monica Weitzel is the host of a television show through Metro East Community Media called Community Hotline.  She interviews members of various Non Profit Organizations who are participating in positive humanitarian endeavors in Portland and surrounding areas.  A few weeks ago Sunshine Awakenings were invited to make a guest appearance on the show and we [...]

Preview of New Art Circle Art Spring 2014

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          With the new Spring season comes new art from the Art Circle.  Here are some examples of the work of brilliantly talented people just like you and me who, while walking by, my spontaneously act on the impulse to stop for a moment and experience the therapeutic effects that the creation of art [...]

New Art Supply Donation Received

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One of our awesome friends and participants of the creative circle donated some new supplies including a box of acrylic paints, earth tone pastels, a large sketch book, a bag of assorted brushes, and a book of colored construction paper; all new in the box. Fabulous and very much appreciated. Love and Blessings.