Cannabis Oil Provides Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor | Wake Up World

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Cannabis Oil Provides New Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor Print Friendly or Save as PDF 23rd September 2014 By  Michael Wilson Guest writer for Wake Up World We don’t often post personal stories on Wake Up World, but this one really touched a chord. This article  is the first in [...]

Art Circle In The Springtime 2015!

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Sunshine Awakenings Community Arts Circle - Free Art Therapy, Free Hugs, Free Juggling Lessons & Music! Happy participants contributing & sharing their creative energy in the beautiful sunshine of the Portland waterfront.  Sunshine Awakenings is Portland Based 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization.

FDA Goes After Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Over Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Relatively new to the food products market, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, a Southern California-based family company famous for its organic, fair-trade pure castile soaps, has come under scrutiny by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for merely sharing with its customers the proven health benefits of eating extra-virgin coconut oil. The FDA sent a [...]

Breaking: Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds | Mass Report

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Houston doctor, Stanislaw Burzynski has won yet another huge victory against the medical establishment. But, instead of the win being reported from every television and radio in the United States, it barely squeaked into existence. Why? Because Dr. Burzynski can cure cancer without the traditional western medical treatments and this doesn’t make Western medicine supporters [...]

This Ingredient Can Protect Your Brain From Fluoride Damage

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Josh Paniagua – Massreport These days it seems like anything and everything can “give you cancer” or “cause kidney failure”. These types of claims get thrown around so much that one can find it very difficult to sift through the garbage and grasp something honest or accurate. People who buy in to all of it [...]

GMO Alert: Top 10 Genetically Modified Foods to Avoid Eating

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When President Obama appointed Michael Taylor in 2009 as senior adviser for the FDA, a fierce protest ensued from consumer groups and environmentalists. Why? Taylor used to be vice president for Monsanto, a multinational interested in marketing genetically modified (GM) food. It was during his term that GMO’s were approved in the US without undergoing [...]

Spread Wildflowers to Support Bees…..and The Humans Who Need To Eat

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  What we can do about it:   According to this very short and very awesome documentary what we can do to support the fervency and flourishing of the bee population is to plant wild flowers.  This is something that any one and everyone can do with relative ease.  We will b e adding inexpensive wild [...]

Sunshine Awakenings’ Interview On Community Hotline TV Show

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Monica Weitzel is the host of a television show through Metro East Community Media called Community Hotline.  She interviews members of various Non Profit Organizations who are participating in positive humanitarian endeavors in Portland and surrounding areas.  A few weeks ago Sunshine Awakenings were invited to make a guest appearance on the show and we [...]

T Mobile-Funded Study Into Mobile Phone Radiation ‘Covered Up’ to Obfuscate Profound Health Risks

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You might be surprised to learn about what follows given the 13-year period since it should have been front page news.  But with at least 5,000 studies now showing biological harm from electromagnetic radiation, this information is now more important than ever. In 2000 – the same year the Stewart Report was commissioned by the [...]

Barrie Trower on WiFi

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This is monumental information which needs to become public knowledge about the damage that wifi does to young women's reproductive systems in particular.