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Welcome to Sunshine Awakenings

      Sunshine Awakenings, a local non-profit currently involved in facilitating public community art circles, free meditation groups, community relief and donation based benefit concerts.
      We are a non denominational organization and we are free of any specific religious beliefs or doctrines. We are open to and recognize that there is wisdom in all ancient spiritual traditions as well as modern science such as quantum physics as well.
      Sunshine Awakening’s main focus is promoting awareness about and contributing to the creation of a critical mass of people who are established in peaceful awareness and unity consciousness. We believe this will help bring about the quantum shift in the collective consciousness of our species that we believe is about to come to fruition. War-like societies such as this that are dominated by aggressive male energy are strongly associated with primarily left brain based thinking. Our art circle coordinator (soon to be plural) strongly believes in the importance of increasing right brained thinking in our society and thereby bringing balance into this equation. One beautiful and generative way we have found to contribute to this balancing is through the facilitation of free art circles held in public places where everyone is welcome to share their creative energy with the circle; be it through the sharing of art, music, juggling or other crafts.
      Group meditations are another main focus of our organization and have been scientifically proven to effect the brain chemistry of not only the participants but everyone in the immediate surrounding area. Specifically the effect is increased Serotonin levels. Meditation also directly lowers the body’s stress hormone levels such as adrenaline and cortisol which damage the immune system. Other measurable effects include elevated anti-aging/growth hormone levels, increased brain wave and heart wave coherency, allowing the precipitation of more efficient healing in every cell of the body.
      We at Sunshine Awakenings also strongly advocate equality and understand that economic times have forced many of our brothers and sisters into situations of perceived hardship. We recognize that some aspects of societal structure that are still entrenched in old paradigms are less than accommodating to individuals in these circumstances. We are of the mind that sometimes people need to be given a chance and are willing to offer time and energy into efforts to support these members of our extended family. Therefor we offer supplies to homeless as well as poor which we have donated from manufacturers and suppliers that find it in their heart to donate tarps, sleeping bags, camping mattresses, food, clothing, medical supplies etc.
      We are also presently organizing benefit shows comprised of musicians and other performers who are willing to donate their talents and time to these causes. The music is generally selected based upon content and we particularly support those musical artists who have a positive message to spread. Our founder is one of these musicians and performs very conscious generative and evolutionary rap/hip-hop with quantum physics, deep spirituality and unity consciousness based subject matter.
      To conclude and summarize we believe in equality and propagating the understanding that we are all one and all deserve to receive love and true knowledge of the universe as demonstrated by ancient spiritual teaching and modern science congruently. We find that we are in Dharma when sharing creative energy with out fellow human beings, nourishing one another and thus creating sacred space evolution and expansions. Thank you for taking the time to give your attention to this website.
Sunshine Awakenings