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Memory 98%
White Brain Matter 100%
Coordination 99%

Juggling benefits include: reducing stress, improvement in cognition and coordination, increases grey matter and white matter in the brain.
Increase communication between left and right brain hemispheres, prevent degenerative brain disorders, recover lost mobility from a stroke,
Boost your brain power and have fun!

We offer sliding scale donation based juggling lessons.

We are a non profit, offering free and donation based juggling lessons in the Portland area. Juggling is show to counter the effects of brain dis-function such as Alzheimers disease and others in people of all ages and is one of the only things that has been repeatedly proven to increase the size of the visual and motor center of the brain. Juggling is also an ancient sacred spiritual practice that has existed since ancient Chinese times.

JUGGLESSON-NOV-23rda Feel free to contact us: (971) 259-8491 info@sunshineawakenings.org








2109, 2014

Sunshine Awakenings’ Interview On Community Hotline TV Show

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Monica Weitzel is the host of a television show through Metro East Community Media called Community Hotline.  She interviews members of various Non Profit Organizations who are participating in positive humanitarian endeavors in Portland and [...]

2408, 2014

School of Juggling to Attend Bienestar’s Back to School Event August 30th 2014!

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         For years now Bienestar has supported children with donations of backpacks and school supplies among other programs to support and empower the children and families of our community.   On August 30th from 11:30 to [...]

2401, 2014

Sunshine Awakenings School of Juggling Logo Nears Completion

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As we ramp up efforts to expand the juggling lessons (for all) through sliding scale donation based lessons and equipment in Portland, a logo for Sunshine Awakenings School of Juggling is in the very late [...]

3112, 2013

Awesome Juggler Performs 5 Balls Upside Down Using Hands & Feet Simultaneously!

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Awesome performance by a very talented girl juggling with both her hands and feet at the same time.  In this video, the juggler demonstrates a technique where both the arms and legs are utilized in [...]

1612, 2013

Juggling Induces Brain Structure Changes In All Age Groups – The Journal of Neuroscience

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Excerpted from an entry in The Journal of Neuroscience http://www.jneurosci.org/content/28/28/7031.full Abstract It has been suggested that learning is associated with a transient and highly selective increase in brain gray matter in healthy young volunteers. It [...]