noscript Monica Weitzel is the host of a television show through Metro East Community Media called Community Hotline.  She interviews members of various Non Profit Organizations who are participating in positive humanitarian endeavors in Portland and surrounding areas.  A few weeks ago Sunshine Awakenings were invited to make a guest appearance on the show and we gladly obliged.  The following video is the full show, we are the first interview.

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“Community Hotline” is MetroEast’s weekly showcase for non-profit organizations. This studio talkshow provides an easy outlet for local non‑profits, schools, government agencies and other community groups to speak directly to a large audience, at no cost, so that they may share information about their organizations, and the issues that concern them. Hosted by Monica Weitzel on Wednesday nights at 7pm on Channel 21, Community Hotline helps organizations connect with the community!

For more information on Community Hotline email Monica at   To learn more about Metro East Community Media or to produce of your own Community Media program visit

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