Free Hugs Science | IFL SCIENCE

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Whichever persona you prefer – the love molecule, cuddle chemical or hug hormone – oxytocin plays a big role in bonding. Spraying monkeys with the stuff, for example, has been found to positively affect their social behavior, making them more communicative and promoting interaction with others. Among many other things, weed also exerts similar effects [...]

Sunshine Awakenings Juggles & Gives Lessons at Clearwater Springs Assisted Living Center 12/10/13

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Our first performance at Clearwater Springs accompanied by free juggling lessons for the residents.  Juggling is an ancient spiritual practice as well as being scientifically proven to help with degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer's, and MS and with recovery of damaging events such as strokes.  Juggling is also one of the few things that [...]

Support the 2013 Efrything Drive 12 hr Telethon & Compliment Freestyle Competition

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Once again The Efryting Drive is on for 2013. Call and support your family. It is the time of year when people are in need of warmth, blankets, warm clothes like stocking hats and gloves and scarves and ear muffs and mittens etc etc. Thanks to you all who support this may you be blessed [...]

Sunshine Awakenings is Born

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Sunshine Awakenings, a local non-profit currently involved in facilitating public community art circles, free meditation groups, community relief and donation based benefit concerts. We are a non denominational organization and we are free of any specific religious beliefs or doctrines. We are open to and recognize that there is wisdom in all ancient spiritual traditions [...]